The Ancestor’s Temple / S1E1 The Ancestors / [祖先] / [祖先的神殿]

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The Ancestors - 祖先

In this episode, we explore the "Temple of Heaven Complex" or as it is better known as the "Altar of Heaven" complex in Beijing. And here we find that there is a tangible link between the ancestors of China, the worship of the "Supreme Lord of the Great Heaven" - Shàng-Dì. China's God.

在這一集中,我們探索了“天壇情結”,或者更為人所知的是北京的“天壇”。在這裡,我們發現中國的祖先,崇拜“天國的至尊主” - Shàng-Dì之間存在著切實的聯繫。

在这一集中,我们探索了“天坛情结”,或者更为人所知的是北京的“天坛”。在这里,我们发现中国的祖先,崇拜“天国的至尊主” - Shàng-Dì之间存在着切实的联系。

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