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Creeping Compromise written and narrated by Joe Crews (Amazing Facts)

9 Views· 31 October 2022
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00:00 Introduction
05:34 Our Enemy - the World
33:08 Is Nudity Modest
53:38 Double Standard Exposed

01:10:35 Unisex
01:25:18 Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry
02:23:07 Television Trap
02:43:37 Lawfully Joined
02:57:14 Music and Moods
03:09:19 Meat or Unmeat
03:23:29 Potlucks and Principles

03:35:18 Destroying Your Witness

03:52:07 Legalism or Love

Creeping Compromise, by Amazing Facts’ first speaker, Joe Crews, is a spiritual masterpiece that tackles today’s most controversial issues of faith and will inspire you and other Christians to higher moral living. With his unique, straightforward style, Pastor Crews addresses some of the most sensitive issues affecting the church—with chapters on modesty, music, diet, and more.

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